Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday 11/29 - tmux and tweaks!

WHAT:  St. Louis Vim Geeks
       - Mark Volkmann Takes on tmux
       - A Tour of Perrin Westrich's Vim Environment

WHERE: CAIT - The Center for the Application of Information Technology
       Room 143 (note room change!)
       5 N. Jackson Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63105

WHEN:  Thursday, November 29th, at 6:30pm


Hope everyone's recovered from their annual bout of Thanksgiving stuffing and conspicuous consumerism, because we have lots of cool stuff coming up at this month's meeting:

Mark Volkmann Takes on tmux

Heard of tmux, the "terminal multiplexer [that] enables a number of terminals ... to be created, accessed, and controlled from a single screen"? Lots of folks have been talking about the productivity boost it can provide, and there's a significant overlap between people using Vim and people interested in tmux. Fortunately, Mark Volkmann is one of those people, and he's offered to give us an overview of tmux, including how he uses it with Vim.

A Tour of Perrin Westrich's Vim Environment

We're continuing the Vim Environment Tours this month, where one of our group shows us around their setup and explains the customizations that make Vim work just the way they want it to. This month, Perrin Westrich will do the honors, and has promised plenty of interesting weirdness (including a bit about vim integration with tmux -- it's almost like we plan this stuff).

Food, Drink, and Free Stuff

We're glad to have Norton Staffing sponsoring this month's meeting, so come hungry. Be sure to RSVP so we don't run short on food and drinks. Oh, and we also have more giveaways from our friends at O'Reilly, too.

When and Where

We'll be meeting at 6:30pm on Thursday, November 29th, in Room 143 at CAIT. (This is different from our usual spot, so look for the signs once you enter the building.) Here's the address:

CAIT (The Center for the Application of Information Technology)
Room 143
5 N. Jackson Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

CAIT on Google Maps

Forsyth MetroLink Station

CAIT also provides detailed driving directions and parking information . (Don't worry about the parking permit stuff. It doesn't apply to us.)

Make sure you RSVP!

See you Thursday,

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