Monday, February 25, 2013

Wednesday 2/27 - Vim + Ruby and Visual Mode!

WHAT:  St. Louis Vim Geeks
       - A Tour of Charlie Sanders' Vim Environment
       - Another Look at Visual Mode

WHERE: CAIT - The Center for the Application of Information Technology
       Classroom 24
       5 N. Jackson Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63105

WHEN:  Wednesday (really!), February 27th, at 6:30pm


Seems like forever since we've had a proper non-holiday / non-bowling meeting. Let's fix that:

A Tour of Charlie Sanders's (Ruby-Flavored) Vim Environment

We've got a special request for the third in our series of Vim Environment Tours this month. Those of us launching into large Ruby projects (a.k.a., me and my co-workers) have asked Charlie Sanders to show us around his Vim configuration, with an emphasis on how he uses it to do magical Ruby stuff. (Don't worry if you're not a Ruby developer, though -- the ideas are applicable to all sorts of programming, even if the specific plugins and settings are different.)

Another Look at Visual Mode

Speaking of special requests... Apparently I made one too many references to an earlier talk I gave on Visual Mode, at which point I was gently but firmly informed that I hadn't actually given that presentation at a Vim Geeks meeting, and that there were several people that might like to actually *see* the presentation instead of just hear about it. So with that in mind, this month I'll give an updated version of "Seeing Is Believing" (including a couple of new visual-mode tricks I've picked up since giving the talk the first time).

Food, Drink, and Free Stuff

Still on the fence? How about some free Dewey's pizza and a chance to win a book from O'Reilly? Just be sure to RSVP so we don't run short on the victuals.

When and Where

We'll be meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday, February 27th, in Classroom 24. Here's the address:

CAIT (The Center for the Application of Information Technology)
Classroom 24
5 N. Jackson Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

CAIT on Google Maps

Forsyth MetroLink Station

CAIT also provides detailed driving directions and parking information . (Don't worry about the parking permit stuff. It doesn't apply to us.)

Make sure you RSVP!

See you Wednesday,

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