Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wednesday 3/27 - Stealing^WLearning from Sublime Text

WHAT:  St. Louis Vim Geeks
       - A Whirlwind Tour of Sublime Text from Josh Weaver
       - Grab Bag & General Tomfoolery

WHERE: CAIT - The Center for the Application of Information Technology
       Classroom 24
       5 N. Jackson Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63105

WHEN:  Wednesday, March 27th, at 6:30pm


A Whirlwind Tour of Sublime Text from Josh Weaver

Vim users know a good idea when they see one -- that's how most of us ended up on Vim in the first place, after all -- and sometimes those ideas come from other text editors. In our ongoing quest to keep people asking "Why are you talking about <some editor that isn't Vim> at a Vim Geeks meeting?" we've got Josh Weaver to introduce us to Sublime Text. Sublime is a relative upstart in the world of programmers' text editors, and it's attracted a lot of positive attention of late.

Josh recently moved from using mostly-Vim to mostly-Sublime, and is going to give us a tour of Sublime, as well as his rationale for making it his editor of choice. He said to be sure to mention that he "welcomes questions," and I have no doubt we'll oblige, perhaps more than he anticipates. :-)

Grab Bag & General Tomfoolery

You know that part of the meeting where people ask questions, share tips and tricks, talk about new plugins they've discovered, and talk about what they'd like to see or do at upcoming meetings? That's the part we'll do after we're done pumping Josh for things we can steal from Sublime Text.

Free Food, Drink, and Swag

We'll have good stuff to eat and good stuff to give away, as long as you promise to RSVP so we know how much we'll need.

When and Where

We'll be meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday, March 27th. Here's the address:

CAIT (The Center for the Application of Information Technology)
Classroom 24
5 N. Jackson Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

CAIT on Google Maps

Forsyth MetroLink Station

CAIT also provides detailed driving directions and parking information . (Don't worry about the parking permit stuff. It doesn't apply to us.)

Make sure you RSVP!

See you Wednesday,

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